Segundo Viento


Segundo Viento | Captain Lee Adams

Captain Lee Adams

RYA YM Ocean 4374, AEC, GMDSS, STCW10, ENG1

Lee grew up on the peninsula of Cape Town, South Africa. As a youngster and under the guidance of his Grandfather, Admiral Tom Hardiman SA Navy, he was introduced to sailing and racing in the Bay. His maiden voyage and ocean crossing from Cape Town to Antigua was aboard a racing sloop back in 1999. After several local regattas in the Carib, he was invited aboard the classic Schooner, The Tree of Life (with 8 manual sails). After an initial circumnavigation aboard, he took over as Captain.

Lee has explored and lived in the Caribbean for more than 10 years and is a long time resident in the Lesser Antilles. His local knowledge is a key component for any successful holiday where the Captain must find the best hidden locations, crystal clear dive sites and dodge any weather.

Lee’s qualities as a person are special. Meet him and you will know instantly why he captains the very first Privelage640, Segundo Viento. The atmosphere onboard is perfectly balanced and maintained and with his unique skillset, adventure is always on hand.

Bianca Martinez


Born and raised in the Mediterranean on the Island of Palma de Mallorca, the Sea has always been my passion. And one of my main achievements was rowing in the Spanish National team and gaining my gold medal.

After obtaining my title as Chef I commenced travelling around the world learning new cultures and Gastronomy. I am grateful to have worked in some of the most exclusive hotels and restaurants around the world. Training under top chefs and gaining experience that is priceless in the gastronomy profession.

Working onboard Yachts and boats has entwined my two passions the sea and gastronomy. My menus are a mixture of old and new cultures waiting to be savoured. I look forward to providing you with a tasty experience that will want you to return to Segundo Viento over and over again.


Dive Instructor

Due to Covid 2019-2020, my first yachting experience as a crew member in the British Virgin Islands was put to a halt, as the Caribbean Islands were shut down.

Fast forward to two years, and I am back in the charter industry, hoping this ‘second chance’ will reward me with different learning experiences.

As a selfless, energetic, hard-working and patient person, I aspire to sail around the world and share the tales of the seas. I enjoy providing friendly 5-star service to all my guests and I love nothing more than creating those sunset cocktails you so deserve…😁